MASH App Reviews

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So disappointing !!! The app doesnt even launch. As specified on the website I uninstalled et re-installes it several times and still nothing works ! I WANT A REFUND !!!

Really good

I love this app! I love using it in class when I am bored!

Love mash

I love mash my friends love it too


a GREAT remake of a classic preeteen game i played so much with friends, never get tired of it, and it just keeps improving!

Mash is the best fortune game ever!

Mash is one of the best fortune games I have ever played in my life!

Wow I love this mash thing

Its soooooooooooooooooooo cool Omg haha



Best Mash Game :)

By far the best mash , future predictor game!


I seriously luv this game.... ive tried it out on all my friends and now its somethin we play every day!

Mash Review

This game is ridiculously amazing! I think this might be my favorite game! from the funny choices to the goofy outcome!! if you havent tried this game, check it out quick!


Hope my fortune comes true or I will marry someone who starts with C and ends with A

Love it

Its really fun and can create an interesting lifes


OMG best app ever me and my friends always played this on paper but this is way better LOVE IT!!!

Totally worth the buy!

This app ROCKS!! It is soooo fun and worth the buy!!


Awesome app, I totally recommend it!

My futur <3

I love this app!!! I find it soo fun tht you can choose all your choices ;) i think the best part is tht you can save ur stories to show to friends <3 i rllyy hopee these things work cause it always comes out as good results for me !!! :)

Preetty sweet

I love this app the full version is definitely worth it!! 


Omigosh! I looooove this game so much :) keep adding more to it its soo much fun!

Mash amazement

Try it on ur friends do it over an over again!! Mash is a super fun party game u wont regret paying the 99 cents!! Get it before prices go up again!!


Its so cool

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